Career Potential Discovery

What is Career Potential Discovery?

Career Potential Discovery is a powerful one – on – one framework designed in five modules.

Traditionally, individuals end up choosing career paths that aren’t best suited for them for a myriad of reasons –family expectations, societal conditioning, socio-economic trends, monetary drivers, and more. These considerations often lead to negative loops of frustration, confusion and erosion of self-esteem.

Who Do We Serve?

Professionals who seek a career change but aren’t sure where and how to start.

Individuals who’ve returned from a sabbatical and are not sure of what to do next.

People who are constantly searching for a career that fits and nothing seemingly does.

Programme Outcomes

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Have a clear understanding of your core beliefs and strengths (who am I?) that you can leverage to place yourself within the right career fit.

Have a clear alignment of both your values when approaching work and the derailers that have historically kept you dissatisfied.

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Identify your ambitions through our mapping techniques.

Have a clear action plan on how to pursue the careers best suited for you.

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Benefit from a network of professionals from a vast variety of professions with our Aurelius Connect supplement service.

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Put all of these factors into a tangible vision to gift yourself the perfect career that can relaunch the best version of yourself at work.